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  • AC Degreaser for Aluminum Surface Treatment
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    AC Degreaser for Aluminum Surface Treatment

    Aluminum profile s urface t reatment i ndustrial flowchart Oxidation treatment: Workpiece→Degreasing→Washing→Alkali corrosion→Washing→Light→Washing→Oxidation→Washing→Sealing→Washing→finished
  • High Temperature  Sealing Agent
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    High Temperature Sealing Agent

    Aluminum profile megathermal sealing agent This product is a high-temperature Aluminum Alloy anodized film sealing agent, particularly suitable for sealing coloring and dyeing oxide film. After sealing the oxide film does not fade, yet light, good sealing effect, corrosion...
  • Medium Temperature Sealing Agent
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    Medium Temperature Sealing Agent

    Aluminum profile m esophilic sealing agent Feature Aluminum Mesophilic sealing agent is the company for the aluminum oxide film temperature sealing agent, sealing faster than the general sealing agent with faster, better, cheaper. The new concentration in 5g / 1 that is able...
  • Cold sealing agent
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    Cold sealing agent

    Aluminum Cold sealing agent This product has a number of large Aluminum profile plant long-term is still in use, and its excellent performance has been recognized by various manufacturers. Through continuous improvement, product quality has reached advanced level of similar...
  • Citric Acid
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    Citric Acid

    Citric Acid Cas NO.: 77-92-9 Molecular formula : C6H8O7 Properties : White crystalline powder, odorless. Application : The citric acid can be used as a chemical analytical reagent in chemical technique, and used as an experimental reagent, chromatographic reagent and...
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