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stannous sulphide

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  • Tin (II) Sulfate Stannous Sulphate for Chemical Regent

    Contact NowTin (II) Sulfate Stannous Sulphate for Chemical RegentStannous Sulfate Cas NO.: 7748-55-3 HS NO.: 2833299090 GRADE: Industrial Grade Molecular formula: SnSO4 Properties: White powder, soluble in water and dilute sulphuric acid. Application: used for tin or chemical reagents, such as alloy, tinplate, piston cylinder, wire and...

  • Eelectroplating Grade Stannous Chloride 98%

    Contact NowEelectroplating Grade Stannous Chloride 98%S tannous C hloride Cas NO.: 10025-69-1 HS NO.: 2827399000 GRADE: Top Quality Goods Molecular formula: SnCl2·2H2O Properties: White crystalline powder. It is dissolvable in water but not in alcohol and its solution is alkali. Application: Reducing agent, Mordant, Bleaching...

  • Manufacture Stannous Octoate Price in China

    Contact NowManufacture Stannous Octoate Price in ChinaStannous O ctoate Cas NO.: 301-10-0 HS :2915900090 Other name: Tin Octoate, Stannous Octanoate GRADE: Industrial Grade Molecular formula : C16H30O4Sn Properties : Waxy white or yellow, insoluble in water, but soluble in petroleum ether, polyols, no corrosion,Toxic and has...