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Sodium stannate

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  • Sodium Citrate
    Contact NowSodium CitrateS odium Citrate Cas NO.: 6132−04−3 Molecular formula : Na3C6H5O7 Properties : White or colorless crystalline granules or powders; Odorless, salty; The moisture in the wet air is deliquescence, slightly weathered in hot air; Soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol. Application...
  • Electroplate Chemical 42% Sodium Stannate Trihydrate
    Contact NowElectroplate Chemical 42% Sodium Stannate TrihydrateS trontium C hromate Cas NO.: 2151068 HS NO.: GRADE: Industrial Grade Molecular formula: SrCrO4 Properties: Lemon yellow powder. A pplication: anti-rust primer, such as strontium base acrylic primer can be used for aluminum alloy antirust, strontium as aircraft skin yellow...
  • Electroplaing Grade Sodium Chromate 99%
    Contact NowElectroplaing Grade Sodium Chromate 99%Sodium Chromate Cas NO.: 7775-112-3 GRADE: Industrial Grade Molecular formula: Na2CrO4 Properties: Density is 1.483;Melting temperature 19.9 ℃;Yellow crystal; Slight deliquescence; Dissolution is soluble in water and methanol, slightly soluble in ethanol. Application:...