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Aluminum Surface Treatment Additives Mainly Used For Cleaning

Aluminum Surface Treatment Additives Mainly used for cleaning

Environmental protection hydrocarbon cleaning agent (carbonized water, carbonized water) is a compound composed of C, H single component, is a colorless liquid, is a strong cleaning force, the distillation range is very narrow, safe, dry And the regeneration of a better series of environmentally friendly products. Environmental protection hydrocarbon cleaning agent is mainly used for cleaning cutting oil, anti-rust oil, stamping oil, stretching oil, dust, particles, resin, flux high flash point of environmental cleaning agent.

The disadvantage of environmentally friendly hydrocarbon cleaning agents may be that they do not apply the equipment in the case of slow drying speed, the advantages of the following points:

◆ low cost: recyclable use, evaporation loss is small, most of the hydrocarbon cleaning agent boiling point is above 150 ℃, compared to other products in the storage loss in the use of small.

◆ no corrosion: the safety of various materials, hydrocarbon cleaning agent does not contain water, chlorine, sulfur and other corrosive substances, the material will not produce corrosion and oxidation.

◆ harmless to the human body: no occupational hazards, toxicological testing, hydrocarbon cleaning agent inhalation toxicity, oral toxicity, skin contact toxicity are low toxicity, the operator is relatively harmless.

◆ strong cleaning power: good solubility, surface tension, permeability, according to similar compatibility principle, hydrocarbon cleaning agent and most of the oil refining lubricants, anti-rust oil are compatible.

◆ friendly to the environment: in line with ROHS, REACH requirements, can be natural degradation. Hydrocarbon cleaning agent at room temperature can be completely volatile, no residue.

◆ safety: hydrocarbon cleaning agent generally higher flash point, to ensure its cleaning, drying, and then the fire in the fire requirements. General open flame is not burning.

The environmentally friendly hydrocarbon cleaning agent is divided into normal constituent hydrocarbons, isoparaffins, naphthenes and aromatic hydrocarbons according to the composition. Among them, isomeric hydrocarbons and normal hydrocarbons are the mainstream market.

The environmental protection hydrocarbon cleaning agent is divided into light weight and heavy weight according to the range of the distillation range. The light weight generally reduces the flash point of the cleaning agent, and the flammable and heavy weight deteriorates the cleaning force and the drying property. Heavy branch selection distillation range narrow, so that both to ensure its cleaning power, but also to protect its safety and dryness.

Environmental protection of hydrocarbon cleaning agent in accordance with its role can be divided into degreasing agent, in addition to rosin flux and dehydrating agent.

Environmental protection of hydrocarbon cleaning agent mainly in the following ways:

Manual cleaning: the general market alternative to trichlorethylene cheap hydrocarbon cleaning agent is more suitable for manual cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning: the value is relatively high, cleaning products more sophisticated products more suitable for equipment cleaning.

Vacuum cleaning: high precision, special dirt, can use vacuum equipment for cleaning, dryness and good reproducibility.

Environmental protection hydrocarbon cleaning agent is currently widely used in metal and metal, electrical and electronic parts, auto parts, motors, bearing manufacturing, high precision parts, golf head, glass, optical products, circuit boards and other industries.

Environmental protection hydrocarbon cleaning agent is mainly used for degreasing and addition to rosin, for oily processing oil such as cutting oil, anti-rust oil, stamping oil, rolling oil, stretching oil, vegetable oil, animal oil and other effects are good.